The Horse & Cow Experience
the horse and cow experience
cow in our farm sanctuary
horse in our horse sanctuary
cow cuddling

​The Horse & Cow Experience is a unique way of connecting, interacting, getting close, playing, learning, sharing space, finding wellness and having fun with our herd of horses and cows. It does not involve riding horses.  All interactions are done on the ground and no prior experience is necessary.

Mountain Horse Farm is a Horse & Farm Sanctuary.
All our horses & cows found their forever home, where they can live a long and happy life.  W e don't breed animals and we don't keep animals for production, like beef or milk. Our cows have never had babies. 

We are passionate about letting our horses and cows live a natural life. They live in a mixed herd where they can form strong friendships as they would do in the wild. We have studied horse body language, the way touch influences them and the way they use touch in their relationships, with amazing people like Sharon Wilsie and Paula Josa-Jones. We spent many hours in the field with our horses & cows, learning how they communicate with each other, how to become part of their herd, what it takes to be invited in. Choice and respect are the key words. We value the relationship we have with them. It's not about dominance or ownership, it's about having a friendship. We interact with them at liberty, where they are free to move around. When you spend time with them, you enter their space, and connecting with them is as much their choice as it is yours and when that connection happens it's magical because it comes from a mutual desire. Giving them that freedom and choice makes all the difference. Knowing that they can say yes or no, makes our horses & cows love their interactions with humans. 

If you book a session with the horses & cows it will be about finding a connection, getting close to the natural world, finding peace & quietness. We are not a petting zoo. We will tell you about their personalities, about their likes & dislikes, funny things they like to do. Horses & cows are sentient beings, they are individuals just like you and it's wonderful to get to know them. We will be there with you, holding the space, creating a safe environment for you and them. 

We only offer 1 or 2 sessions a day during 3 or 4 days a week. Sessions are private. Only the people in your party will be in the session. The maximum number of people per session is 4 and you can only book a session if you stay with us. We like to plan them, so it flows with the natural rhythm of the animals. We also like to look at the weather, especially on rainy or hot days. When you stay with us, it's easier to find the best time for your session.

To participate you will be required to sign a waiver. Make sure you wear shoes with closed toes (no flipflops, slippers or sandals) and it's always a good idea to dress in layers and to wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.

60 minutes session for up to 2 people (must be 12 or older): $75
60 minutes session for up to 4 people (must be 12 or older): $125

Horse & Cow Experience sessions are offered from May 1st - October 31st. and are only available to people that stay with us.
  1. Cow cuddling
  2. Horse cuddles
  3. cow cuddling

Mountain Horse Farm offers equine assisted learning and wellness sessions for people suffering from stress, anxiety,   grief and loss, as well as personal development sessions to improve skills to set boundaries and build assertiveness. Our corporate sessions focus on improving leadership skills and teambuilding.

We are certified through  EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association). In the Eagala model the licensed counselor and equine specialist facilitate the process by creating a safe space for you to heal, grow and learn. Sessions are experiential meaning that the focus is on 'doing' rather than 'talking'. This relieves the pressure to verbalize and explain feelings, yet you are still able to process your experiences at a deeper level. Many whom participate in a session find it hard to explain their experience, but agree that progress is being made and they can “just feel it.”  

You will have the opportunity to process your emotions and gain awareness of your behavior and body language while you interact with the horses. As prey animals, horses are highly attuned to their environment as they search for predators and threats to their herd. Additionally, they are highly social and intelligent creatures. They pick up on our non-verbal cues and respond to them immediately in a non-judgmental and authentic way. This mirroring process will show you how your body language and internal state affects your interactions with others. The horses will help you learn to self-regulate, and manage your emotions, and change your behavior in a way that improves your well-being, connection and communication with others. 

Our 90 minutes sessions are facilitated by a licensed counselor, an equine specialist and of course the horses.

90 minutes session for up to 2 people: $300. Call or email to make a reservation.
eagala certified equine assisted learning and personal development
reducing stress, anxiety, grief & loss through interactions with horses
finding wellness with horses
Cricket is our grand old lady. She is well in her twenties but looks much younger. She is firmly in charge of the herd and very communicative. Always nickering or whinnying. She is smart, strong, independent and a sassy redhead. Before she came to us she didn't always have it easy in life and she has some scars on her face to show for it. Now she is living the good life and enjoys every minute of it.
Noa is our sweet little girl. The youngest horse we have at the farm with the prettiest eyes I have ever seen on a horse. Noa had a rough start in life because she was almost starved to death as a baby. She was taken in by the animal rescue organization Lollypop Farm and we adopted her from there. Because of the malnutrition in her first year her growth has been stunted and the muscles in her hindlegs didn't develop properly. It's not bothering her but she can't be ridden which made her a difficult horse to be adopted out. But since we don't ride our horses she was a perfect match for us. She is a sweet, in your pocket kind of horse, persistent, curious, playful and she gets along with everybody. 
Jaxon is our gentle giant. A 17.5 hands and almost 1800 pounds Belgian Draft. We know a lot about his background and it seems like he always had a good home. He is our big boy, sweet, goofy, strong, clumsy and happy. He was the only male horse at the farm for a long time (until Stetson came to live with us) and he is protective of his ladies. He gets along with all other horses and especially likes the minis. 
Stetson is our black beauty. A very handsome boy that loves people. He was bred to be a carriage horse but it turned out that he is scared of the cart behind him. His previous owner loved him so much that she couldn't stand the idea that he would be uncomfortable for the rest of his life. So that's how he came to live with us where he can be what comes natural to him: A very big sweetheart that likes to give kisses and hugs.
Bonnie is our sweet youngster.  At just 2 years old she is still very playful. She is curious and brave and likes to be friends with everyone. She loves to be petted and brushed.
2 horses
Suzie Q on the left and Missy on the right 
Suzie Q and Missy
Suzie Q and Missy are our adorable minis.  We adopted both of them from Begin Again Horse Rescue. Suzie Q was used for breeding all her life, which is not easy on a horse, and when she was too old for that she was discarded as useless. We are very thankful that Begin Again Horse Rescue took her in so we could adopt her from there. Missy has a  similar story. She ended up in dire straits after her owner died. The two girls are BFF's and do not like to be separated from each other. Missy is our pasture greeter, always coming to the fence to say Hi, very social and sweet but also playful and frisky. Suzie Q is the more serious one, she is also a bit on the bossy side but very appreciative of the life she is leading right now.  
Bella is a sweet 3 year old. She is very curious and loves to be petted & brushed. Eating is one of her greatest joys. She is not related to Bonnie but she "adopted" the little one and treats her like her own.
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