Heidi Potter Horse Retreat Clinic
Heidi Potter Holistic Horsemanship Clinic - Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit
Heidi Potter Holistic Horsemanship Retreat Clinic
Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit
Improving Comfort, Confidence, Communication & Understanding

September 29 at 4:00p.m. through October 4 at 11:00a.m., 2020 

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​Experience what it is like to learn, laugh and love your way into a horse’s heart.

If you seek an opportunity to connect with horses in a purely natural, holistic way then this retreat clinic is for you!

It's designed to help deepen your understanding of horses, their behavior, how you affect them and how to improve your overall communication with them. The clinic goal is to provide you with tools to help create safer, more enjoyable and trusting relationships that support horses, emotionally, mentally and physically.

We welcome everyone from experienced horse people to horse lovers with no riding or hands-on experience. Whether you show horses, own horses, volunteer at rescues or are involved in the equine therapy world, this non-riding retreat will inspire you and teach you how to offer enrichment to horses.

What We Will Learn
The days are filled with interactive workshops and skill building on the following topics:

  • Horse Speak® -- Begin learning the Fundamentals of Equus through herd observation, interpretation and conversation.
  • Horse Psychology & Physiology – Go deeper in understanding why horses do what they do and how to improve relations in an enriching manner.
  • Centered Riding© -- Discover how the CR basics of Soft Eyes, Centering, Breathing and Balance will help lead you to improved comfort, confidence, communication and balance in the saddle, along with enhancing your everyday life. Although we won’t be riding in this retreat the discoveries you will make come from exercises practice on devices such as the Balance Rider© (www.balancerider.com) Mini-trampoline and Yoga Balls. Learning off the horse is where it all starts!
  • Self-Awareness & Mindfulness – It all begins with you! Learn techniques to help you bring a more relaxed, grounded, centered and mindful presence to the horse in every situation.  

Self-Care Day
To give your brain a body a break from learning we have reserved time for self-care. On Friday you will enjoy a one-on-one session with Heidi on a topic of your choosing. The balance of the day could include a winery or brewery tour, a visit to the nearby lakes and waterfalls, or a zip lining experience at the nearby Bristol Mountain. There are also options to simply relax at the farm and indulge in a massage or sauna session, a walk on the beautiful surrounding trails, a cow cuddling session or just enjoying a good book by the fireplace. We will happily help you plan your perfect day.

The Farm
And you can indulge yourself in the comfort and beauty that the farm offers! Mountain Horse Farm is a horse and farm sanctuary and a wellness retreat. The clinic includes 5 overnight stays in a comfortable and gracious private room, all meals starting with dinner on the first evening and ending with breakfast on the last morning. It also includes snacks and non-alcoholic drinks during our time together.  
You will be working with our herd of horses. They are a well-established herd of six, all different breeds and sizes who live a life as natural as possible with lots of freedom and choices. Bringing your own horses is not possible.
We welcome 6-8 participants. We keep it small & intimate to create a wonderful opportunity for learning and bonding. Heidi is staying at the farm as well.
​​​Mountain Horse Farm is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region, famous for its wineries and breweries, gorgeous lakes and waterfalls. You may want to consider adding a few days to your trip to explore the area. 

Open Heart Open Mind the book
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Heidi’s compassion and understanding of the horse is like no other I know. Everything is about figuring the horse out and not forcing the horse. You come from her clinics with renewed energy and information that your horse is grateful for and deserves.

Thank you for teaching me to be more aware of how it feels! Because when it feels right in my heart, the connection and willingness from my horse is amazing!

Profile picture Heidi
​​ Heidi Potter  is an internationally known and respected Trainer, Clinician, Instructor and Author, sharing over 50 years of horse experience. Her teaching and training is strongly influenced by her practice in traditional Eastern Martial Arts. She is a Centered Riding© Clinician, Holistic Horsemanship Trainer, CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) Master Instructor/Clinic Instructor, and a Senior Horse Speak™ Instructor.  
Heidi feels blessed to have learned directly from her neighboring friend, mentor and the founder of Centered Riding, Ms. Sally Swift. Sally’s work beautifully and effectively blends Heidi’s experience with Eastern philosophies into her horsemanship practice. The Centered Riding basics of Soft Eyes, Breathing, Centering and Balance, along with Grounding and Awareness, lead to amazing results, both on the ground and in the saddle.  

Heidi’s Holistic Horsemanship approach to training evolved from her education in Natural Horsemanship. She was driven by her desire to improve behaviors, safely create boundaries, earn mutual respect and establish connection, all while focusing on enrichment, for both horses and humans. Through teaching clinics she has helped people across the globe build safer, more trusting, respectful and enjoyable partnerships with their equine friends.

In March of 2017 she began working with Sharon Wilsie, founder and author of the book, Horse Speak, The Equine-Human Translation Guide and Horses In Translation. Sharon’s step-by-step equine translation program has opened new doors for horse owners, trainers, instructors, rescue horse operations and those in the equine therapy profession. In late 2018 Heidi joined Sharon and Laura Wilsie to form the Horse Speak Educational Program. 

  • Sign up by yourself and stay in a room by yourself with a private bathroom - all-inclusive rate: $2,150+tax
  • Sign up with 2 or more people that share a room: each of you will receive a $200 discount. 
Our rooms either have 1 king bed, 1 queen bed or 2 queen beds.
Please let us know about your preferences.

​If you are signing up with 2 or more people that share a room, please all sign up online individually, and mention that you would like to share a room. We will apply the discount after we receive your online booking.

We may have a few spots available for people that live locally and don't wish to include overnight accommodations. Please call Suzanne at 585-374-5056 or email at [email protected] for availability and details.

Waiver: You will be required to sign a waiver.

​Deposit & final payment:
To hold your spot, we will ask for payment of a deposit of $550.00 per person. The balance is due two months  before the clinic.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations that are made at least 2 months in advance will receive a full refund minus a $100.00 cancellation fee. Regretfully we can not give refunds past the cancellation deadline. The only exception we can make is that we will refund 80% of your deposit in case we can rebook your spot with another participant.

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