Corporate Services
​​Finance for non-finance employees​​ 
Facilitator: Suzanne Vullers 
​Duration: Half day

This is a finance course for non-finance people! This training was specifically designed for teaching employees that don’t have a financial background some of the fundamentals of finance. During this training the most important financial key performance indicators are being taught as well as reviewing and interpreting balance sheets and P&L’s.
The P&L Statement is a very powerful tool used to analyze the revenue and expenses of your business, demonstrating the ability to generate sales, manage expenses and generate profits. In this course the participants will be guided throught the elements of the P&L and given tactics on how to use the statement to manage the business specifically increase cash and gross margins. The participants will work together to review a mock P&L and devise a business plan to improve it.
The Balance sheet is used to reveal the financial status of a business as of a specific point in time. The statement shows what an entity owns (assets) and how much it owes (liabilities), as well as the amount invested in the business (equity). It helps you to analyze the financial condition and health of the company which is very important for any company along with income statements.
Suzanne Vullers
​​Suzanne  Vullers​​​​
Suzanne is a ife long horse lover. She is passionate about letting horses live a life as natural as possible. Suzanne is EAGALA certified and offers horse experience sessions with her horses for personal growth & learning.​​
She also has 20 years of experience in accounting.
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